What you don’t learn in institutions, seminars, programs and books of hundred pages, you learn in the presence of nature, accepting wilderness as your mentor, experience as your guide, and infinity as your comfort zone.

Positive Pakistan, a nationwide youth network born out of the need to develop youth as game changers for Pakistan and the wider world, has launched along with other programs wilderness based youth leadership program named Alwandi for youth, on its journey to impact hundreds of souls from Gadani to Gilgit and the wider nation. 

Alwandi Leadership Encampment nurtures a family atmosphere run with family principles. It is comprised of hiking and camping in lush greenenvironment that helps its participants learn that teamwork, encouraging behaviour, commitment, supporting attitude and confidence in oneself are the key elements to succeed in any adventure an individual faces in his life.

Alwandi’s Learning Outcomes:

This training involves educating the members in areas of knowledge, vision and leadership traits by providing them the opportunity to practically imply their skills while serving in team based - activities like hiking, camping and so on. This certainly helps the members discover what they are capable of, improve their confidence and teach them how one could develop a healthy relationship with other people of the community.
Alwandi exemplifies the idea of ``learning by doing'' in a straightforward form: participants are immersed in activities that directly challenge their skills and self-concepts.

By solving challenging problems in situations that require positive group interaction and cooperation, participants are expected to learn interpersonal skills that will transfer to situations outside the program. Although some programs include solo activities aimed at building self-esteem, most of the challenges presented to the participants of Alwandi are designed so that they cannot be managed by an individual acting alone. Success at most activities of Alwandi requires communication and cooperation, which are intended to develop participants' social, interpersonal and leadership skills.

Alwandi’s Training Methods & Activities

The working methods used in Alwandi are: games, energizers, ice-breakers, team building exercises, individual and group outdoor educational activities, work on practical examples in a small groups, simulations, thematic workshops, discussions, debates and presentations.

Some on-spot changes in the program activities are also made keeping in view the active participation of the participants who propose games, energizers and short educative sessions related to the topic of the ongoing Alwandi.

Alwandi’s Target Group:

Target group of Alwandi is youth of colleges & universities, youth leaders, youth workers, facilitators, trainers and multipliers that are working with young people.

Alwandi’s Duration: 

Alwandi is as an intensive two days lasting training program.

Upcoming Alwandi:

Alwandi-4 will be held on Friday 6th October + Sunday 8th October (Three Days) in KPK's Lush Green Mountains. 
This Leadership Training Comprises: 
-Group Activities
-Wilderness Challenges
-Fun & much more

We will leave at 6am in morning on Friday for Mushkpuri from Islamabad and will be back at 8pm Sunday.
Delegates will arrive in Islamabad on 5th night and we ll arrange their accomodation of one night in Islamabad.

Fee Rs:10,000 (Includes Travelling, Refreshments, Camping besides learning a lot)
Special Discount for Positive Pakistan's members
DISCOUNT and Sponsorships availabe, to apply for discount 
write at positivepaki@yahoo.com

To get register yourself, please contact:

Amir Raza
0301 5856632