Child Abuse is a heinous crime which is increasing day by day and hour by hour.

To keep the history in mind, just in Kasur (Pakistan) we have witnessed 12 cases of child abuse in last 12 months.

The ratio of this crime has been lifted more than 2% to 3% in the previous year in Pakistan.

To keep aside all the emotions, feelings and sentiments we have to find root causes for the satanic act. We should discuss some practical steps to eradicate child abuse from the Society.

Here are some Reasons behind;

1-Late Marriages

Everyone has set up a wrong concept to enjoy life. We have made marriage too difficult to perform. We have set high ideals that create barriers in getting married in time. But Man cannot control his sexual desires so he finds a way and commits this heinous crime

2- Lack of Sex Education

Sex education is still a taboo in our country. We believe that this a matter to discuss in person. If we educate our children that what to do and what not to do, whom to trust and whom not to trust then it would be easy for them to avoid such elements. A child will get sex education anyways if parents teach them or not.

3- Pornography

It has destroyed the lives of young individuals. It is very presented in much planned way. If you are looking for some stuff to complete your college assignment this will appear again & again. It is easily available of mobile shops in the markets. The government should ban this sort of stuff from everywhere.


It is semi-porn industry. The vulgar scenes portrayed in the movies are enough to corrupt a young minds. Everyone idealizes the life style of film Heroes and tries to be like them. The core feature of them that they do not marry and enjoy the life with extra-marital relationship. Now, even porn stars are getting films in Bollywood.

5- Rule of Law

In this era, the law is dead. Nobody has fear of law enforcement agencies in this country as everyone in corrupt. The people do not report cases because they believe that Police will bring more troubles for their family. The culprits are Bailed and released due to insufficient evidences and poor investigation by Police. There should be exemplary punishment for culprits.

The state must take immediate actions to restore the confidence of people on state.

There is no foolproof system to save the children from child abuse but here are some precautions that we can practice

1- Try to take interest in the routine matters of the child. Ask the children about their lunch break what they ate and who did they sit during lunch? What did they play and how did they come back to home?

2- Media reports the cases of child abuse frequently. Ask your children some questions about this NEWS to start conversation like; "what would you do if it happens to you" this question will make him compelled to ponder on this issue.

3- Teach your children about good touch and bad touch. Teach them regarding the sensitive parts of their bodies. They also don't have Right to touch the sensitive areas of opponents.

4- Set aside everything and spend time with your children and realize them that you are available 24/7 for them. If they come to you with concerns then listen them and satisfy them with your answers and actions.

5- According to a survey just 10% to 12% strangers get involved in child abuse. Mostly, trusted people abuses the child asexually. Be aware of loving uncles, Gatekeepers, House maids, Drivers and class fellows even.

We have forgotten our ethical values and teachings of Islam. Just think once before doing anything that is it right or wrong?

I have pointed out some causes of Child abuse and I believe that you are enough logical to carry out a solution.

The writer is a social activist and wants to see Pakistan as a "Positive Pakistan"