Dear Sir    Assalam o Alaikum


Carrying a strong purpose and mission of making Pakistan green as well as making the nation realize the urgency of matter. In order to make our and other forms of life’s survival possible on this earth we need to understand the importance of plantation and so we need to grow more and more trees. Hence, the Green week activity was carried out by Positive Pakistan.


Green week was celebrated in all the provinces of Pakistan. Positivists not only from Pakistan, but positivists from U.S, U.A.E and Canada also profusely participated.


In capital, Islamabad, trees were planted at Fatimah Jinnah Park in collaboration with Capital Development Authority. This activity was carried out by the members of Positive Pakistan along with their fellows at National Defense University as well as at Islamic International University. Students showed their support by wearing green dresses and making some incredible posters for awareness campaign.


Pakistan Medical Association’s senior doctors collaborated with Positive Pakistan to morally support its members for this noble cause and also arranged a Green walk in front of Press Club Faisalabad to spread awareness among people. This activity of planting trees was carried out in many universities of Pakistan.


Moreover, a common status was shared by every positivist on social media to make people on social media aware of this cause and estimated that we conveyed our message to 1 lac people on social media. Must we mention, a great response was received.


It just didn’t end here! People shared some amazing documentaries, videos and some even carried out public surveys regarding this green week activity. We were amazed and awed to see the response and enthusiasm of people.


Report by: Aiman Younas (Cyber Captain @ Positive Pakistan)




           Hafiz Waseem Ahmad 

                   Positive Pakistan