What is Positive Pakistan?

Registered as “Positive Pakistan Foundation” (Trust) in structure but a revolutionary movement in its momentum, our mission is “to enlighten youth with knowledge & values, broaden their vision and undertake their character-building.”

Positive Pakistan strongly believes that youth of Pakistan has tremendous energy and with the positive attitude we can reach new heights. Positive Pakistan, by conducting more than five hundred programs, has created a revolutionary impact on individuals from Gilgit to Karachi which make it, one of its kind, largest youth network of Pakistan.

Positive Pakistan inspires youth through the motivational wisdom of Iqbal and helps them strengthen their belief in and take on “Faith, Unity and Discipline” as bequeathed by Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

We achieve our objectives through:

  • Motivational Talks
  • Training Seminars
  • Forums
  • Attitudinal Trainings
  • Study Tours
  • Recreational Programs
  • Conferences
  • Wisdom Circles

Established set-up of Character-building with a Check & Balance & Evaluation System

Our Mission:

We develop positive attitude in individuals for a greater Pakistan.

We instill  4Ps – Purpose – Passion – Positivity - Patriotism


  1. Member
  2. Mission Holder
  3. Ambassador
  4. Rehbar

4Cs are:

  1. Character
  2. Commitment
  3. Contribution
  4. Conviction


Patriotism is not the tear in our eye when we recall the sacrifices of our heroes or how straight we stand when we recite our National Anthem, but true patriotism is demonstrated in the way we live. True patriotism means that our youth must understand that Islamic Republic of Pakistan was the culmination of a long, hard struggle against heavy odds and adversaries. Pakistan came into being at a juncture which is widely recognized as almost a miracle. This miracle was the result of; two nation theory, vision of Dr. Mohammad Iqbal accomplished by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, devoted & honest leaders and untiring pursuit of the Muslims of the subcontinent. To instill such sense of patriotism and awareness in youth, Positive Pakistan organizes events and activities on all important national days that include:

  • Pakistan Day
  • Independence Day
  • Quaid Day
  • Iqbal Day
  • Defense DayYoum-e-Takbeer


Training seminar on positive thinking is a special program of Positive Pakistan. As the negativity and other evil habits like hatred, jealousy, betrayal, backbiting etc are prevailing in our society, they are affecting not only our individual selves but also our social life badly. Our family's peace is also being highly affected and mutual relationships are deteriorating. Our business lives are also being threatened by negativity and other evilness.

Positive thinking and attitudes have been proven to increase both our personal and business results and achievements.  Therefore, it is the need of hour to adapt to positive thinking and spread it in our societies to make our homeland an abode of happiness.


  • Master the power of positive thinking to create more success and happiness in your life.
  • How a positive attitude affects performance in personal life and at work?
  • Brain research and relation between positive approach and the science of success.
  • How to unleash power of Sub-conscious Mind?
  • The role of Emotional Intelligence, Silva Mind Control Methods & NLP
  • Spiritual Laws & Psychology of the Universe


Unfortunately, we are lacking in our collective moral behavior as we do not care for anyone in society. We have become too lazy to show our sympathies and respect which we ought to do. We should be proud of our cultural, religious, social, educational and even more our nation’s civilization. But irrespective of all these factors, we are going backward in our mannerisms and behaviorism. We are portraying bad images for our religious and civilized sense in the world. Keeping in view this decadence, Positive Pakistan is trying to prepare youth to be thoughtful, active citizens who have an appreciation for the basic values of our state and national heritage and who can understand ownership and productively function in a free society. Positive Pakistan, on a regular basis organizes numerous activities to engage youth in. Such activities include:

  • Gifts & Greetings to Police & Workers on Eid Day
  • Green Week Celebrations for Planting Trees
  • Gifts & Lunch for Sanitary Workers
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Visit to Orphan House to distribute gifts
  • Visit to Children Hospital on Eid to distribute gifts
  • Study Tours to Historical Places


Leadership is one of those things that's often awfully hard to define but you know when you see it. We believe that all persons have leadership potential and that their particular gifts, talents, and skills can be enhanced through education, training, and development.  Recent studies in behavioural science and neuroscience reveal scientific proof and evidence of the power of a positive mental attitude for successful leadership. Research also tells us that high achievers have trained themselves in this vital attitude.  Leadership & Attitudinal Training (LAT) Workshops with the theme ‘Naram Dam-e-Guftugu Garm Dam-e-Justuju' (Soft in Speech – Hard on Quest) by Positive Pakistan are very much interactive and highly practical programme that gives a step-by-step method to cultivate the power of positive attitude and leadership traits.

Participants are enabled to develop following competencies:

  • Break-through to the next level of both personal and professional achievement.
  • Master the ability to harness and apply positive thinking, goal setting and success-focused attitudes.
  • Improve the performance of their area of responsibility.
  • Learn to act out of humanitarian values, such as being committed to social justice, engaging in social responsibility, and serving as positive social change agents.
  • Engage with the community as a means to explore one’s civic responsibility as a leader.
  • Realize that serving as a leader is more than holding a position.


Only a continuing learning and training assures a high level of expertise and enables the professionals to keep their professional skills and knowledge up-to-date which further paves the way for the progress of the individuals as well as organizations. Positive Pakistan offers training to youth of all ages and officials of all cadres with a guarantee to instill better thinking patterns and positive attitude. We have the privilege to impart training to personnel of country’s top-notch official & corporate institutions which include Police College Sihala, Islamabad Traffic Police, Higher Education Commission, National Institute of Electronics, Mobilink, Warid Telecom, PEL, Wapda Staff College, National Bank Staff among others.

We offer trainings on soft skills especially:

  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • Leadership
  • Team Work
  • Effective Communication
  • Better Relationship
  • Career Mapping
  • Performance Excellence
  • Secrets of Successful Life

Young Leaders Summit

Positive Pakistan has initiated a country-wide youth empowerment movement and in this regard a series of conferences named “Young Leaders Summit” had been organized in almost all major cities of Pakistan.

YLS becomes an opportunity to provide the youth a platform to train and engage mentors for proper guidance and counseling, capacity building of youth led organizations; awareness, sensitization for positive social change, exploring and guiding the youth for relevant employment and placements with a focus on youth development in collaboration with like-minded organizations.

YLS also aims at instilling leadership, heroism and patriotism in youth. Eminent scholars, celebrities and world-class success gurus inspire participants with their greater exposure and rich experience.

Generally YLS becomes a youth extravaganza as it encompasses following types of numerous events also:

  • Carnival Night
  • Poster Competition
  • Books Stalls/Exhibition
  • Speech & Declamation Contests etc.

ALWANDI Encampment

What you don’t learn in institutions, seminars, programs and books of hundred pages, you learn in the presence of nature, accepting wilderness as your mentor, experience as your guide, and infinity as your comfort zone.

Positive Pakistan has launched a wilderness based youth leadership program named Alwandi for youth, on its journey to impact hundreds of souls from Gadani to Gilgit and the wider nation.

Alwandi Leadership Encampment nurtures a family atmosphere run with family principles. It is comprised of hiking and camping in lush green environment that helps its participants learn that teamwork, encouraging behaviour, commitment, supporting attitude and confidence in oneself are the key elements to succeed in any adventure an individual faces in his life.


کہ خاک راہ کو میں نے بتایا راز الوندی
I taught poor dust to tower hill‐high in air.


The working methods used in Alwandi are: games, energizers, ice-breakers, team building exercises, individual and group outdoor educational activities, work on practical examples in small groups, simulations, discussions, debates and presentations.

Alwandi exemplifies the idea of ``learning by doing'' in a straightforward form: participants are immersed in activities that directly challenge their skills and self-concepts.

Mixed Bag - The Cinematic Training

Movies are never meant only for entertainment (except for comedy). There is always a concept in it. We just need to watch movies from a particular perspective to get into the essence of it. We always try to connect through the dots and get the essence of the movies we watch and we think that's a good thing to do. Positive Pakistan, proudly announces one of its kind movie-based EnterT(r)aining MIXED BAG - the cinematic training for Success & Attitudinal Mastery. In this recreational session, we show some movie clips and help youth hold a mind-blowing discussion with some deep thinkers and out-of-the-box intellectuals who give their expert views on various aspects of the video clips shown and relate them with our day-today life matters.
Objectives of mixed bag training program: -

To introduce youth with a new perspective of movies. To make youth understand the importance of personality development. 

  • To make youth learn how to find positivity even in entertainment programmes. 
  • To make Youth ponder and focus upon the outcomes of noble deeds and great human traits.To make Youth understand that no matter what the situation is, you can always take initiatives for something great.
  • To give a new direction to their thoughts, and try to improve the way they look at things.

Street Smart Wisdom

Knowledge and wisdom, though similar, are not the same. This is why you can have people who know a lot, yet lack a great deal when it comes to wisdom. They can have a lot of book sense, but lack common sense. They can be book smart, but they might not be street smart. They can even have a lot of technical training, but they may not know how to integrate knowledge and information into understanding and wisdom. They may have earthly wisdom, but they do not have spiritual discernment and the kind of wisdom that comes from heaven.
Many people in our society, even without formal education from an institution, are bestowed upon this vision and wisdom and we can learn it from the places these pearls of wisdom are written on by them and these places also include local Pakistani vehicles like buses, trucks, rickshas, chingcheez etc.
Positive Pakistan did an amazing work of collecting all these pearls from all corners of the country and compiled a wonderful fun-based training program named ‘Street Smart Wisdom’ youth. Through this program, we achieve following objectives:

  • We can find wisdom all around us. Be it is a local ‘desi’ transport we are sitting in or passing nearby us.
  • Wisdom is not associated only with degrees, books, internet etc. Rather we can find it everywhere, perhaps from everyone.
  • In lieu of ridiculing this ‘Street Smart Wisdom’ we should perceive it positively and try to grasp wisdom out of it.  


Young Intellectuals Forum is a regular program by Positive Pakistan which is specifically working in aiding the youth of Pakistan in their intellectual, creative, psychological and emotional growth. The purpose of YIF is to educate the youth of Pakistan in areas that our basic education does not cover such as the power of communication and expression, basic human rights, critical thinking, debate, etc. and to teach them more about the literature, current affairs, communication along with power of perspective, power to think, criticize, doubt, and amaze.


  • Identify and encourage young Speakers, Writers, Artists and Reformers of every age group and language on both national and regional levels of Pakistan.
  • Provide a facilitative atmosphere for youth with creative, intellectual and constructive input for their professional growth.
  • Create awareness in youth about their rights and rights of expression and speech.
  • Guide and promote members for getting their literary work printed in literary magazines and newspapers.
  • Provide International exposure by arranging the Mentors for local youth.
  • Enrich knowledge, vision and exposure of youth by helping them meet and interact with renowned writers, Artists, technocrats, bureaucrats, politicians and reformers in forum’s meetings.

We had the privilege to invite following renowned persons as Guest Speaker at Young Intellectuals Forum:

  • Dr. Shoaib Suddle (Former Tax Ombudsman/IG Police)
  • Senator ( R ) Akram Zaki (Former Secretary General Foreign Affairs/Ambassador)
  • Dr. Ghulam Hussain (Former Federal Minister)
  • Asad Umar (MNA)
  • Khalid Rehman (DG Institute of Policy Studies Islamabad)
  • Haroon Al Rasheed (Eminent Journalist)
  • Orya Maqbool Jan (Eminent Journalist)
  • Agha Afzal (Former Secretary Senate of Pakistan)


Young Readers Club is a platform by Positive Pakistan where young readers get connected with latest research, current affairs, our past heritage and rich history via books & audio visuals. Primarily, the purpose of the Readers Club is to create an opportunity for people to become enthusiastic and enthralled with the wonderful world of literature. Sessions of various interests like ‘Wisdom Circle’ are established where young members discuss and debate on books they would have read in recent times.

Young Readers Club, in conjunction with other departments and activities of Positive Pakistan, works towards achieving the following aims and objectives:

  • To provide a supportive and stimulating environment for youth especially members of Positive Pakistan.
  • To encourage youth to reach their full potential as independent learners and develop a positive attitude to life-long learning.
  • To foster the enjoyment of reading as a recreational activity in all members of Positive Pakistan.
  • To develop an awareness in youth of the importance of books and other resources as a means of recording and sharing human achievements, failures and aspirations.
  • To contribute to the development of positive personal attributes within each individual.

HilLeaDrill & CLOUD 9

All the creations are beautiful but humankind lacks respect for them and in their culture of urbanization, they destroy the natural environment. The balance is lost in the eco-system. The vision of "HilLeaDrill" & “CLOUD NINE” by Positive Pakistan is to rebuild the harmonious relationship between mankind and wilderness as well as to serve the nature and to persuade our people to undertake some physical exercise to keep balance in life.

Away from the machine-like businesses of our lives, without cell, tab & laptop, if we spend some hours of a day and a night in the mesmerizing beauty of nature amidst lush green hills, people feel spiritual happiness, serenity and internal peace and it helps them get rid of a lot of worries and relieve their stress. These programs provide them with the opportunity of enjoying some time with nature in solitude.

HilLeaDrill and CLOUD 9 programs also let young people discover their true potential through the challenges of adventurous and leadership activities which are undertaken while hiking in lush green mountains of the beautiful Pakistan.

Note: HilLeaDrill is a one day hiking plus leadership training program whereas CLOUD 9 offers a night stay in camping as well.

Ramadhan Excellence Camp

Ramadhan Excellence Camp is designed to sensitize young students to lead a successful personal and professional life based on ethics and principles derived from Islamic teachings. The participants learn that it is important as well as possible to be a successful professional or entrepreneur without compromising on Islamic ethics and values.  Interactive sessions by eminent scholars, professional trainers and motivational speakers are held whereas one session is based on a panel discussion of senior personalities from academia, civil service or corporate sector who have led a successful career life with dignity, integrity and professionalism and are considered as role models as good Muslims & Pakistanis. Embedded, in a subtle manner, with references and examples from Quran, Hadith, Seerah and Islamic history, the training sessions are conducted on topics like Leadership, Time Management, Personality Development, Communication Skills, Positive Thinking, Character Building, Negotiation Skills and Decision Making, Business and Professional Ethics, Challenges & Opportunities in the Era of Globalization, etc.

4th Ramadhan Excellence Camp in 2015 was held at Faisal Masjid Islamabad in collaboration with Dawah Academy, International Islamic University Islamabad wherein 100 youth participated from 17 cities of Pakistan.

Positive Pakistan Welfare Wing

We can hardly imagine what the condition of a poor family would be during these times; many are unable to take one meal a day. Keeping in view the current, dire situation of inflation in our country, Positive Pakistan has established its Welfare Wing to achieve following objectives:

  • To provide every possible help and assistance to the deprived and destitute classes of society. 
  • To persuade youth to contribute generously in welfare projects.
  • To motivate youth to participate in volunteer work without personal interests.
  • To promote feelings of sympathy among people.To create environment conducive to foster mutual love, brotherhood and fraternity.
  • To strive for a welfare society, taking all the sections of society along.

To achieve these objectives, Positive Pakistan has embarked on projects in the fields of education and public welfare. It is through these fields of welfare work that the sacred task of serving humanity is being accomplished. Apart from other many contributions, by Grace of Almighty, Positive Pakistan has granted number of scholarships to needy students.

“Striving to make Pakistan an abode of happiness”

Positive Pakistan Cybrigade

Social Media is a great tool of modern day that makes the mind of masses and plays a vital role in carving new trends. The Social media has made it possible for like-minded individuals to discuss important topics, widen their personal knowledge and discover things they never knew before. Now people often use social media to raise their concern against certain political issues and to gather against certain political agenda. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instrgram and others are a cost effective means of spreading the word and getting support. Young people around the world are now more involved than ever in their country’s politics. The case of Arab Spring and the last presidential elections in the US are a proof of significant role of Social Media in politics. Keeping in view the importance of this frontier, and while Pakistani youth typically turn to social media for gossip, photo sharing, and friendship building, Positive Pakistan is trying to inspire them toward greater goals. Positive Pakistan has devised an excellent structure to engage youth of Pakistan in activities on social media to play some positive and meaningful role.

Positive Pakistan Cybrigade is consisted of 300 members that come from not only Pakistan but also from UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, America, Canada and now quickly recruiting overseas Pakistani youth from other parts of the world. There is a well-defined hierarchical structure with a chain of command from Cyber Leader to Cyber Soldier. Other Cybrigadiers include cyber activists like Cyber Commander, Cyber Colonel, Cyber Talent Head, Cyber Counselor and Cyber Captain. One can imagine the powerful impact of a status shared simultaneously at one point of time with the exact same wording on numerous social media sites. This is what Positive Pakistan has achieved so far and the journey is continued.