My journey in Positive Pakistan!

In life there’s been a lot of ups & downs, but the only step I took for My Pakistan was to join Positive Pakistan. It’s the best platform for those who seek leadership roles & to get themselves motivated & to have patriotism in their heart for their beloved country Pakistan. My journey was so odd, me describing makes me laugh. Positive Pakistan Lahore chapter had event from 1st to 14th August last year. Where on 7th August, 2017 Moin ul haq’s ( small brother is in my group & Moin invited his brother & all of his group to Hardees since less people showed on that day. He also mentioned that you guys are gona get free burgers & drinks. My whole group was ready to go & then we went there. Had seats cheered what was going on. Then at the end we got the drinks & the burgers. & then I thought, why not join this organization, because I just came & got free drinks & burgers. So I joined Positive Pakistan without knowing its mission. I went sleeper cell after joining the WhatsApp group. Then on 19th November, 2016 this happened ( & I was strictly ordered By Moin ul Haq (bare Bhai ;)) to join. Positive Pakistan was a partner on this event of JumpStart. & there I met the Leader himself, he needs no introduction among us, President Positive Pakistan Abid Iqbal Khari ( He had a speech there & I don’t know about others but He really did inspired me for doing something about Pakistan. & then we had a meeting of Lahore Chapter & there I knew that an event named as YLS is going to happen in Islamabad. I immediately said yes to join & the meeting went well ( I met a lot of new people which I had no idea who are they. & then YLS came <3 ( I had no idea where I am going & why am I even doing this. But the journey started. Only knew a few people by just name only. It was a good journey. & on that day met a lot of new people from Islamabad & Faisalabad. ( Was offered to work on twitter & started it. Can’t forget that “Ande wala burger” :D :D :D :D. That Monal Peersohawa trip was a way to know the Lahore team ( At The end of YLS a group photo with Sir Abid was taken ( of Lahore team. Then back to Lahore. Don’t ask how was the trip, late night winter & way full of fog. & the mobile wala raphaarJ. Next day just remembering that day & after short time Sir Abid & Usman Bhai had to come to Lahore when this happened ( & this happened ( & finally you people know who am I :D. 16th December, We had a twitter trend which reached number 2nd ( & in January I came to know that an event is going to happen in Lahore. Named “Shoot for the stars” ( I was so hyped about this event. Used to wander the whole city for the promotion of this event. & on 17th February when I went to the barber for a cut, came back & knew that the event was canceled due to security reasonsL. The event was postponed & then the new date was 23rd March 2017 & then it was named as Pakistan day youth summit ( I was on the organizing team of this & loved doing this voluntarily ( & on that day made My brother & sisters join Positive Pakistan ( After that a lot of small forums happened in Lahore. In August essay writing competition ( occurred & I also send My entry in it, where I got 3rd position ( & Walwala Azadi event. Another trip to Islamabad ( Now comes the best part[MMR1] (کیونکہ الوندی محبت ہے). It was the best time & the best event I ever went on. I never went to northern areas. Just went till river neelum. But this time it was an adventure of life time. Met a whole lot of new people & there was a lot to learn in the mountains ( Everything was done so perfectly & I could’ve never imagine having this much. I could never ever have this much fun on any event or anywhere.  & on 3rd November, 2017 I invited Sir Abid, Usman bhai, Hanan bhai, Hamza Saleem, Wali Qalandar to come to My house & lunch with Me where My mom also met Sir Abid & had a long chat, ofcourse about Me where I got roasted a lot ( Aur ab “Youth Summit to Ignite Khudi”. Being in the management team of an event with such potential & the guest on this event were amazing. Guests like Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Dr. Hussain Piracha, Mujeeb ur Rehman shami, Iqrar ul Hassan, Dr. Sughra Sadaf made this event to a whole new level. & getting shield from Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was the best feeling ever. Some event in photos ( & then the after party of the event was fabolus. Here are some pictures from the after party ( 

My journey till now in this organization is fantastic & never felt these good vibes ever. I made some of the best friends in this journey who are always there for Me. Never expected that I’ll make some good friend like this (  & the leaders I got in Positive Pakistan is speechless. The amount I learned from them was insane ( I have learned the most from it & I am willing to devote my life for this cause. Long Live Pakistan. Long Live Positive Pakistan.

-Manzar Mehdi Raza

Mission Holder Lahore Chapter!