Many people argued that New Year is just a matter of change of date and year, there is nothing new in it, there is nothing to be happy or excited about as the life will not take any drastic U-turn, problems will not say us goodbye, sorrows will not leave us alone , routine will not change and behaviors/attitudes will not get positive. Then why whole world welcomes New Year with firework,best wishes greetings ,celebrations and party.
I just wanna say this is the best time to sit in a lonely corner of the home or sit at rooftop, take a deep breath and think about all the 365 days that how you spend , what you did and how you did it.
It is best time to think about the failures and bad moments of the year, think about the achievements, rewards and appreciation of the year.
It is best time to be honest and self accountable about our behaviours and attitudes.
It is best time to set up the realistic goals in shape of resolutions.
Change is the only beautiful reality of universe and with passing time, change is evident to move forward in life.
So stop complaining about what life is not giving or what life has taken us from.
Just be positive and flexible in changing the approach to see the life and then we can realise that Allah has given us beautiful life for exploring the hidden secrets of the world by using all our tremendous abilities.
Happy New Year
Words by
Captain Al-Zarar
Mission Holder ( Positive Pakistan)