Miss ambitious: Mirror, mirror, on the wall
                            who in this land is wealthiest of all?

Mirror:  Entrepreneurs

Miss ambitious: Mirror, mirror, on the wall
                            I have always get up after I fall
                            Whether, I run, walk or crawl
                            I have always set my goals
                            and achieve them all
                            but still
                            I don’t have slack of gold
                            like they all
Well Miss Ambitious is correct at one thing that she is striving for money and those who say money can’t buy you happiness, they say crap. Just sit down take a deep breath and think for a while the last get together you have, the gift that you bought for your mom and the last summer camp. Try to remember all these moments and bliss will incite. All this is due to money, otherwise none would be possible. As it is decided that money is essential, let’s move on.

Struggle comes next in order.  As for Miss Ambitious her infinite treasure hunt is unheard of, her quest ripe no fruit, her life is ruined, she lives in ruins.

Finally coming to mirror. It reflected an answer i.e. more conducive to Miss Ambitious burning desire. Through Entrepreneurship there are various ways by which one can not only earn but can multiply. It’s a step-by-step process, first learn to walk, start small and then go for big, marathon.

Once one has entered marathon the questions arise how to keep one charged. Because funding still remains the biggest problem for entrepreneurs. Well the answer is ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and there are various ways in which one can acquire this ATP. Let me discuss some.

Bootstrapping: reinvest profits back into your business.
Family and Friends: don’t discount your network as a potential place to borrow for your business.
Angel Investors: funding from an individual usually in exchange for equity.
Crowd funding: raise money from many individual investors (through sites like Kick starter or Indiegogo), usually in exchange for “rewards or perks”.
Equity Crowd funding: similar to crowd funding, except that the rewards or perks are equity in the company.
Venture Capital Financing: private capital provided as seed or growth funding by a VC firm in exchange for equity in the company.
Incubators and Business Accelerators: organizations that provide education and support to new businesses, sometimes offering micro-loans.
Pitch Competitions: pitch your idea to a panel of judges for a chance at prize money to launch or grow your business.

Initially any entrepreneurial venture/project/business will incept from an idea. Soon as the funding process is completed budding entrepreneurs will be striving for strategic competitiveness. Well it’s an advice to all alike of Miss Ambitious, do groundwork, realize the relevant skills needed and accumulate these skills and experience. Keenly observe industry shortcomings and build on them. Try to learn from employees, from business process. Learning comes through osmosis, and innovation comes as a byproduct of learning.

Once you have learned you will make a breakthrough. Anyone can come up with an idea, but not everyone can turn ideas into products. The accumulation of personal skills and industry experiences elevate you from the ground.

Moving on after breakthrough comes impact. How much impact can you make? To make a significant impact and move the needle with your company, one must realize that people are important and focusing on people will fuel your profits.

To sum up entrepreneurial success is all about idea and struggle. Be who you are what you will accomplish is proof of what you are capable of.

 Contributed by: Moin-ul-Haq Ambassador Positive Pakistan
(The author is Lahore-based banker, blogger and freelancer.)