The general context of fate is something that happens to a particular person or thing especially something negative or final; such as defeat or failure. The keyword, when comes to a nation, can be taken in a broader perspective. It refers to the fortune of the nation and the general idea its people have about its future. The world has been experiencing various contradictions on views, acts and opinions. This is the basic fact due to which people vary from one another. But however there is difference between having difference in opinions and being blind over everything wrong.

 The 71 years old Asian Nation, Pakistan is now entering the phase of the general elections after completion of tenure of the Muslim League N government. It is a fact that the country has been poorly administered, but an irregular oppression towards the general context of identifying, understanding and accepting the real identical has been seen in the public. The nation has fallen into various crises which has dislodged its economy and curtailed its image worldwide.  We can consider some of them as a result of the uncertain and inconsistent circumstances of defense, law in order and the war of terrorism   the country was fighting against but many of them are the proof of how badly the nation was managed.

To overcome and control the problems of the country is indeed the major responsibility of the government, but there is a dire need to change the mindsets of people also. We find many people talking about the general issues of the country and unfortunately they consider the fate of the country responsible for the prevailing circumstances and have several arguments to support their answers.  They blame the nation for it but do not understand the fact that its functions are performed by the elected people who have been chosen by them.

It is a matter of fact and a serious issue to put light upon that it is so unfortunate that we cast our vote to abstract views instead of concrete plans.  We point out the problems but do not play our roles to sort them out. The truth is, that we have forgotten that we have the ability to change our future.

The myth of supporting the abstract views instead of concrete plans, the culture of supporting one political party based on family connections, voting illogically, voting on the basis of personal likes actually misguides us from choosing the right electable. We give the rope of the most expensive asset (our nation) in those hands which are already busy in filling their own bags with money.

 We forget our major needs and are greatly fooled by the representatives who show us day dreams. Practically, everything which comes out as a result is, just an eyewash.  Our views have been and are being distracted and contracted since a long spam of time but we cannot be the survivals of a long run if the things keep on working like the way they are.

25th of July, is the date when we can reassemble all the broken blocks , overcome our  problems and rewrite our story with everything  exceptional , extraordinary and change the deprived situation of Pakistan by getting out of our houses to fulfill our major responsibility towards our nation of casting our vote to the right ones.

Choose wisely.

Contributed by: Maria Khalil  Mission Holder Positive Pakistan

(The author is Lahore-based young writer, blogger and freelancer.)