By Tahira Shaheen, Kinnaird college for women, Lahore.

Positive Pakistan is a non-profit organization with a revolutionary movement in its momentum. It’s a volunteer network of the determined individuals who resolve to hold firm to Positivity first and then aspire to spread it throughout the country. Positive Pakistan organizes Conferences, Summits, Workshops, Debates and also partaking in public services and civil society associations and engagements. The key issues that are addressed through such initiatives are those of identity, nationalism and democratic governance as we believe that these areas are integral to the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

Recently a youth assemblage was organized by Positive Pakistan on 4th November 2017 titled Youth Assemblage to ignite Khudi at Qadafi Stadium Lahore. The basic purpose of the event was to present a tribute to our national poet, Allama Muhammad Iqbal and explain his concept of Khudi. As per the motto of the organization, this event was organized to motivate and guide our youth to follow Iqbal’s philosophy of Khudi. The event was organized by team Positive Pakistan; Mr. Abid Iqbal Khari- President Positive Pakistan, Mr. Umair Raza- National secretary, Mr. Waleed Asghar- National Coordinator, Mr. Asbar Javed- Coordinator Lahore Division and other executive members.

Mr. Zaid Hussain and Ms. Waiza Rafique along with Ms. Sammar Sanik hosted the program. In the beginning, Qari Ahmed Javed Hashmi recited few verses from Surah Hashar followed by its translation. The event theme of khudi was inspired by the following verse, “And be not like those who forgot Allah, so He made them forget themselves. Those are the defiantly disobedient.” [59:19]. Moving on the in the event, Mr. Fawad Ali presented kalam-e-Iqbal as Naat-e-rasool ﷺ. The program formally began with the national anthem sung by the management and audience with zealous and enthusiasm. Eyes closed, hands on the chest, and people singing in one voice; it showed how much today’s youth honor and regard their national anthem. As the national anthem ended, the guests were invited on the stage by the announcers. The panel consisted of following distinguished guests; Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan (chief guest), Dr. Hussain Piracha, Mr. Mujeeb-ur-rehman Shamii, Mr. Iqrar-Ul-Hassan, Dr. Sughra Sadaf, Mr. Irshad Arif, Mr. Abid Iqbal Khari, and Mrs. Sabahat Rafique.

For those who had attended the event by Positive Pakistan for the first time, a brief yet compact introduction of Positive Pakistan was given by Ms. Waiza Rafique. The name Positive Pakistan as its name indicated strives to spread a positive image of Pakistan. The association is working day and night to enhance patriotism, passion, sense of responsibility and persistent learning among the Pakistani people. The core aims of the organization are as follows; patriotism, this involves celebrating national days, inculcating citizenship, this includes activities related to environment, celebrating green week etc.; leadership training; this involves the training of institutions like HEC, Mobilink, Warid etc. and the new members of Positive Pakistan; corporate training, inculcating positive mental attitude, team work and better relationships; street smart wisdom, it focuses on the basic theme of the messages that are spread around us like truck art, wall chalking etc.; mixed bag/cinematic training, watching movies and having intragroup discussions; young leader club, book reading and sharing productive ideas; young leaders summit, a chance to learn from famous intellectuals and mentors; welfare wing, helping the needy ones, developing a welfare society and helping environment; young intellectual forum, includes renowned intellectuals like Mr. Khalid Rehman, Mr. Haroon Ali Rasheed, Mr. Agha Afzal and many others; and Alwandi encampment, learning while getting close to nature, includes Hiking, camping and leadership skills.

After the introduction, Mr Umair Raza was invited on the stage to share his views on Iqbal’s philosophy of Khudi. He emphasized on the purpose of mankind’s creation and Iqbal’s message for the youth to be productive. Next the vice president of Positive Pakistan, Mr. Usman Raza Jolaha came on the stage and shared some quotes by Iqbal to revive the spirit of today’s young generation. His message for the audience was that we must dream of sky and above, but to dream is not enough, we must work hard in order to make our dreams come true.

Mrs. Sabahat Rafique appreciated the participation of youth for establishing a positive image of the Pakistan across the globe. She also acknowledged the role of Positive Pakistan in motivating today’s young generation and to develop an insight among them to work for their country. She said, the Iqbal’s concept of Khudi is the basic core of nation’s character and moral building. Dr. Sughra Sadaf also acknowledged the interest and spirit of youth towards the empowerment of Pakistan. She emphasized that we should own our history and our heroes like Iqbal who had spent their lives in uniting and motivating Muslim nation. She said Iqbal used his poetry to inculcate high standards and moral values in Muslims, and that today’s generation should take guidance from Iqbal’s Philosophy of Khudi to regain its long-lost pride.

During the event to boost audience’ spirit and morale, the students of UET presented the Kalam-e-Iqbal. This audience thoroughly enjoyed the performance and gave huge round of applause to the performers. Later, Mr. Irshad Ahmed came on the stage and shared his views with the audience, he appreciated the youth participation in the event and said that such events should be organized more often to make our youth aware of our heroes and the great history we all inherit but are unware of. He further said that Pakistan has faced many challenges in the past and has survived all the ups and downs, and that no power can undo Pakistan. Mr. Abid Iqbal said that with the passage of time many countries have become stronger than Pakistan, which were once behind us. He said the basic reason why we are behind many other nations is that we have forgotten our history and our leaders. He said, to regain our lost value we must revive our youth and this can only be done by following Iqbal’s concept of Khudi.

Mr. Hussain Piracha acknowledged Positive Pakistan’s efforts and its contribution towards reviving the nationalism among our youth. Youth’s sensation Mr. Iqrar Ul Hassan also cherished the contributions of Positive Pakistan. He said that to make Pakistan strong and renowned in the world, first we must make ourselves strong. We must not depend on others to help us solve our problems. He further added that every Pakistani must play his role in the nation building and we must put our personal benefits behind the national concerns. Together we can make a huge difference in the society. Mr. Mujeeb Ur Rehman emphasized on the challenges Pakistan is currently facing and how we can eliminate these problems by strengthening our youth.

Finally, the moment had arrived for which everyone had been waiting, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s address to the audience. When Mr. Zahid Hussain announced his name, the PILAC boomed with the slogans of Pakistan Zindabad. People were anxious to catch a glimpse of their national hero, the person who had burnt midnight oil to make Pakistan first Islamic nuclear power. The audience showed their love and gratitude for their hero with huge round of applause.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan addressed the youth and said that we need to work hard and prepare ourselves to defend our country and protect her from the enemies. He said that we must contribute towards Pakistan unconditionally. He advised the young generation to strengthen their faith. He said that the government should facilitate the technocrats so that they can work properly and further strengthen Pakistan’s nuclear technology.

In the end, a play was presented by the students of GCU. The theme of the play revolved around the concept of Khudi- one should identify and polish his inner aptitude and not depend on others for the fulfillment of his needs. Adding passion and zest in his work, a person can reach the height of success, where others shall follow him.

Lastly, the honorable guests were presented with the token of appreciation. The program ended with the certificate distribution to the management team and other participants. The entire event was covered the Positive Pakistan’s social media team. The members of this team kept on sharing the glimpse of the program all that time. The event was covered online through pictures, live videos, tweets and Facebook posts. The entire team of Positive Pakistan worked tirelessly to make the event informative and source of motivation for the audience.

It was indeed a great step by the Positive Pakistan team to organize this event. It motivated the youth to come forward and contribute in projecting a positive image of Pakistan across the globe. Positive Pakistan will continue playing its role working in making Pakistani youth more motivated and strengthened.

Long live Pakistan